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Lesson learning study from the Vegetable Cluster with special emphasis on the links with the private sector

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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Knowledge Management
Jill Lenn??; Andrew Ward

A lesson learning study on the Crop Protection Programme’s cluster of vegetable projects in East Africa with special emphasis on links with the private sector was carried out by a study team during November/December 2004. The main objectives of the study were to: identify how outputs from the CPP vegetable cluster have contributed to the needs of major stakeholders in the horticulture sector in Kenya; and to describe strategy, impact and management lessons learnt in terms of private sector engagement in horticulture in Kenya. Recent trends in the horticulture sector in Kenya were also considered as a guide for future research strategy and opportunities. This study is associated with projects R7960, R7587, R7571, R7472, R7449, R7403, R7266, R6764 and R6627.