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Conflict resolution workshop and the development of a conflict resolution system for the cassava project

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Event Reports
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Sub-Saharan Africa
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Agricultural Value Chains / Agri-Businesses
Dziedzoave, N.T.; Gyato, C.; Abusah, D.; Komlaga, G.

The conflict resolution workshop was organised within the framework of the DFID Funded project on ‘Sustainable Uptake of Cassava as an Industrial Commodity’. The need for the workshop was precipitated by the realisation that in the course of transferring technologies and linking up various players within the marketing chain, conflicts usually arose between different players with respect to pricing, timelines of delivery, product quality and quantity delivery amongst others. In the past adhoc measures have been taken to resolve such conflicts. As the cassava project gathers momentum, with an increase in the number of players, coupled with the drive move the process from a technology development and dissemination stage to an industrial uptake stage, not only is there a need for trained or informed personnel to adequate mediate in times of conflict but also to have an objective system for conflict resolution that is more proactive rather than reactive. The principal objective of the workshop, therefore, was to introduce to researchers, dissemination personnel, private sector partners and other industrial concerns who are in one way or the other linked to the cassava project, the principles of conflict resolution and to facilitate the development of a conflict resolution system that specifically addresses the needs of the cassava project.