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Comparative epitope profiles of the particle proteins of whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses from nine crop legumes in India

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Harrison, B.D.; Muniyappa, V.; Swanson, M.M.; Varma, A.

Geminiviruses associated with yellow or golden mosaic diseases of legume crops in two regions of India were compared by testing their reactivity with 27 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) prepared to the particles of African cassava mosaic (ACMV) or Indian cassava mosaic (ICMV) viruses. The viruses fell into two main groups. Group 1 comprised isolates of dolichos yellow mosaic virus; these reacted with three or four ACMV MAbs and four ICMV MAbs. Group 2 comprised isolates of horsegram yellow mosaic virus, together with isolates from blackgram, cowpea, French bean, pigeonpea, soybean, Indigofera hirsuta and probably also isolates from mungbean. These reacted with three or four ACMV MAbs but with few or no ICMV MAbs. Isolates within each group differed slightly in epitope profile, depending on the source species (Group 2) or geographical origin (Groups 1 and 2). Isolates from lima bean resembled those in Group 2 but had some antigenic differences, and their status is uncertain. The poor detectability of geminivirus isolates in mungbean may reflect a low virus concentration in this species.