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Approach for Evaluating the Impact of HPAI Control Options

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Asia and the Pacific
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Health & Diseases
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Biological & environmental
Narrod, C.

This report discusses a) the role of the synthesis analysis and the steps that will take place under this work stream, b) a modeling approaches that will be used for the cost benefit analysis (CBA), cost effective analysis (CEA), building of decision/event trees, and simulation of a bio-economic model, c) data needs for conducting the CBA and CEA, d) the types of policy scenarios for which simulations are proposed, and e) a methodological framework depicting how the outputs of each of the work streams are linked.

The overall goal of the synthesis analysis is to help national governments and international organizations to be prepared to make informed decisions should need arise (in countries that have not had HPAI) and to limit the spread of HPAI (in countries that have had HPAI), while minimizing the impact on different socio-economic groups, particularly the poor.