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Agricultural Insurance Feasibility Study for Nepal

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Asia and the Pacific
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Climate / Weather / Environment
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Risk assessment
Oliver Mahul, Henry Bagazonzya, Charles Stutley, Kirti Devkota
The World Bank

The report consists of seven chapters, starting with this introduction. Chapter 2 provides a review of agricultural insurance in Nepal. Chapter 3 presents a detailed risk assessment of the main crops and livestock in Nepal. Chapter 4 identifies the suitable crop and livestock insurance products that could be developed and piloted in a second phase. Chapter 5 discusses the operational challenges in the design and implementation of an agricultural insurance program. Chapter 6 focuses on the institutional challenges in the development of an agricultural insurance program, and discusses public-private partnerships in agricultural insurance. Chapter 7 presents conclusions and recommendations. The report ends with seven technical annexes, provided for reference purposes.

This report should be ideally complemented with a comprehensive demand assessment for agriculture insurance. A formal demand assessment for agricultural insurance could be conducted during the development of agricultural insurance pilots. An appropriate monitoring and evaluation study in the context of a pilot agricultural insurance program would also allow for a formal assessment of the demand for agricultural insurance from small and marginal farmers in Nepal.
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