[IFAD] UN’s IFAD exceeds targets on helping rural populations move out of hunger and poverty

[IFAD] The UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) surpassed its goal to make measurable strides in reducing poverty and hunger in the world’s rural areas, a rare impact assessment of projects representing a total investment of more than US$ 7.1 billion has shown.

According to its newly released IFAD Impact Assessment Report 2019-2021, IFAD’s investments improved the incomes of 77.4 million rural people by at least 10 percent within the three-year period, compared to its target of 44 million. Over the same period, 62 million rural people saw their production, measured by the value of crop, livestock and fish production, rise; IFAD had set a target of 47 million. About 64 million rural people improved their access to markets, enabling them to sell their production, against a target of 46 million.