[CGIAR] A gender-smart approach to agriculture for food security during crises

[CGIAR] “A gender-responsive approach to climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is essential to address the gender gaps for climate resilience in agriculture and requires that the needs and priorities of men, women and youth are recognized and addressed,” stated Sophia Huyer, Gender and Social Inclusion Leader, Accelerating the Impact of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa (AICCRA), when speaking at a recent webinar hosted by The World Bank.

In fact, any approach to agriculture and food systems must ensure that interventions are gender responsive and can contribute to equality and empowerment. In other words, interventions must be “gender smart”—while supporting women and men’s climate resilience, agreed the experts contributing to the Gender-Smart Agriculture for Food Security webinar. The event discussed the need to invest in women in the design of climate-smart agriculture tools in the context of both the food and climate crisis, and was part of The World Bank Group’s yearlong Gender Equality and Development +10: Accelerate Equality campaign.