Cameroon: Heavy Rains – Perishable Foodstuff Traders Suffer Losses

All Africa (July 8, 2015) Persistent heavy rain in perishable foodstuff production basins of the North West, South and the West region is causing enormous loses to traders in some markets in Douala. A good quantity of leafy vegetables like green spices, huckleberry, cabbage and foodstuffs including Irish potatoes, cassava tubers and cocoyam rot before arriving market places. The famous Sandaga Market, known for selling fresh foodstuff is piled with heaps of rotten vegetables that went bad due to the persistent rains. Though traders in fresh foodstuff incur enormous loses, business must get going. Most traders count loses in tens of thousands weekly. Ndonfack Clementine, a trader in the Sandaga Market said enormous loses is recorded especially when food items are harvested during rainfall. When packed in bags, she said, the long distances covered from production basins to the Sandaga market, coupled with heat contribute in damaging the items. “I lost between FCFA 5,000 and FCFA 10,000 in every bag of Irish potatoes sold, and at times I incur a loss of up to FCFA 15,000 from a bag of onion,” she explained.